A Closer Look At Suzuki Superbikes


Superbikes are a very special class of motorcycle. These high-performances sportbikes are expensive, but they deliver on every dollar on their price tags thanks to exceptional engineering and extremely powerful engines. Suzuki, long a leader in the sportbike world, produces some of the greatest examples of the form on sale today.

The Superbike Defined

Pointing to a motorcycle and declaring with certainty that it is (or isn’t) a superbike isn’t exactly cut-and-dried. These are among the biggest, most powerful, most high-performance sportbikes in the world, but there’s no single feature that firmly casts them as superbikes — except, perhaps, participation in the FIM Superbike World Championship. Like most competitive motorsports, the vehicular standards for this championship change from year to year, but all competitors must ride on tuned versions of commercially-available motorcycles.

Over the years, a steady picture of the superbike can be drawn based on the bikes that hurtle across the championship finish line. Displacements are usually 1,000 cubic centimeters or more (this is why these are also known as “literbikes”). The bikes are heavy but offer high power-to-weight ratios due to their insanely-tuned engines. They normally deliver at least 150 horsepower, with some manufacturers’ examples flirting with 200 hp.

Suzuki’s Current Offerings

Suzuki is no stranger to the world of the superbike, and they’ve been intimately involved in the class both on and off the racetrack. They offer three models right now that fit the superbike mold: the GSX S1000, the GSX R1000, and the mighty Hayabusa.

Starting with the Hyabusa, let’s look at what Suzuki can do when they pull out all the stops. This high-performance machine is built around a huge 1340 cc V-4 engine. Earlier versions of the Hayabusa were easily capable of exceeding 200 MPH with minor tweaking; the current model is electronically limited to a “mere” 186 MPH for its top speed. After a lengthy period with minimal design changes, Suzuki updated the Hyabusa with better ergonomics, a slipper clutch, and an improved fuel injection system in 2008. The result is a beautiful beast of a bike that, while pricey, is hard to beat in terms of both performance and comfort.

A tiny bit below the Hayabusa sits the GSX R1000. Now 15 years old, the R1000 is starting to show its age in comparison to other superbikes. Its styling is a little understated, and its electronics are nothing to write home about. It’s not messing around when it comes to the important figures, though! The R1000 delivers over 160 HP from its 999 cc engine, pushing the top speed to 179 MPH. Surprisingly for a motorcycle this powerful, the GSX R1000 delivers an extremely smooth and stable ride.

Suzuki’s final superbike offering is a bit of an oddity. The GSX S1000 (and its fairing-equipped sibling, the S1000F) are basically detuned versions of the R1000. With a (slightly) more sedate engine and a far more comfortable riding posture, the S1000 is an open acknowledgment of the fact that the vast majority of riders spend more time in than on the track. This is a great all-day street bike with an unimpeachable high-performance heritage, and the fact that it’s significantly cheaper than the R1000 doesn’t hurt.

Suzuki’s Reputation

As noted above, superbikes are really distinguished by their racing pedigree, and that’s something that Suzuki superbikes have in spades. The GSX R1000 is a particularly strong contender in many races, scoring a 2005 World Championship win, a 2006 Superstock Season Win, and endurance wins in the Suzuka 8 Hours competition in 2007 and 2009.

A steady thread of reliability, stability, and comfort runs through all of Suzuki’s superbike offerings. This may be why they continue to compare favorably to newer, more technically advanced bikes. It’s also likely why the Hayabusa is one of the world’s most popular superbikes for customization, with owners making extensive changes to improve both the looks and performance of the already-powerful machine.

All in all, Suzuki maintains a firm grasp on its share of the superbike market thanks to its sensible policy of leaving near-perfection alone. By churning out solid, well-designed superbikes that strike a balance between handling, comfort, and performance they’ve managed to please — and delight — many different sorts of superbike owners.

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The Best Motorcycle Upgrades for the Traveler

In many ways, nothing is more thrilling than a long trip on a motorcycle. The cool rush of the wind against your face and the sunshine on your hair lend the voyage a picturesque feeling, making the trip on a motorcycle something you won’t soon forget. On top of that, motorcycles are the leader of the pack when it comes to superior fuel economy, which means that you can travel farther on much less money.

The only downside of bike travel is that is can be a little bit uncomfortable. The seats on a motorcycle are often not designed for long term use, and the constant need to sit in the same position can lead to sore muscles. Fortunately, there are aftermarket accessories that can be added to a motorcycle to improve comfort and performance during a long trip. Here’s our list of some essential motorcycle upgrades for the traveler who’s going a long distance.

motorcycle sidecar

Storage Box

These saddlebag like accessories make it so that your motorcycle can carry much more cargo, which facilitates the transportation of the things you will need on any overnight trip. The storage boxes can also be used to carry changes of clothing, toiletries, and necessary appliances. By not having to worry about the cargo you have on your bike, you will make your trip a lot more enjoyable.


If you are planning to go a long distance with a second traveler, it is possible to have the passenger sit on the back of the bike in the standard fashion, if you are okay with taking a large number of breaks. But for less interrupted riding, it is best to get a sidecar. It makes for much more comfortable riding, and you’ll be able to travel faster without the need to take constant breaks.

Seat Cushion

This is a purchase that can make your life much easier. Many bikes that are designed for racing or speed do not allow the rider to sit at an upright position. This can lead to tired shoulders and a cramped back on long rides. The addition of a seat cushion that enables the rider to sit upright can make you able to ride much longer on your motorcycle without the need to stop and stretch. It will also prevent the riding from causing back problems or exacerbating existing muscle of skeletal problems.

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How to Make Your Motorcycle Faster

Why get on a bike if it isn’t going faster? If you are looking for ways to tweak your motorcycle’s speed, here are some amazing tips on how to do it right.

First, you should start by adding a power commander as well as changing the exhaust system. Try adding a full aftermarket system for your exhaust which also includes the headers. Tweaking the fuel mapping system on the bike will reduce the overall weight while improving your bike’s throttle response. Eventually, this will add more power which makes the bike sound more powerful.

Secondly, change the suspension. If your bike doesn’t have it already, try adding an adjustable suspension system. This allows you to adjust the damping and compression settings. Basically, this is a great way to tailor how the bike responds to any inputs thereby increasing overall speed. However, for the best results, you should let a professional set up your suspension rather than doing it on your own.

Third, you should change the wheels on the bike for lighter ones. Heavy wheels counteract the effect of the suspension system, regardless of how many times you tweak it. You should look for a nice set of aftermarket wheels and you will feel the difference. There are lots of great options out there and it’s preferable to research about it. With the right tires, you should add some nice rubber to make the wheels more durable.

Next, you need to upgrade your disc brakes. Remember, if you are going to be slamming the brakes real hard, you definitely need something to support your weight and speed. This is where the disc brakes come in handy. You should opt for light and big disc brakes for the best results.

Now, you can start tweaking the engine to get more horsepower. Of course, if you are an expert on rebuilding engines, you can do it from your garage. However, you should always find an expert to do it for you. This should be the last option. Don’t risk it if your bike cost you lots of money to buy in the first place. Also, take your time to choose the right expert for the job. Otherwise, your bike might be worse off than the start. Remember, this is your precious baby. You just can’t hand it off to anyone, right? If the engine gets damaged during the tweaking, that would be the end of your bike. That’s why this decision is very crucial.

Lastly, if your old bike can’t undergo through any of the tweaks, you could always opt to buy a completely customized new one. That is if you have the money to purchase it. Of course, you need to do your due diligence to find the best bike out there that has the right speed that you need. Go to any bike forums on the internet and talk to other bike lovers. Also, read as many articles on the internet as you can find on the subject and choose only the best as well as the fastest bike that suits you.

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Tips on Advanced Riding Techniques

advanced riding techniques

Riding a motorcycle is not as easy as some would think. Even when you get the basics down, you still need to understand the value of gaining a grasp over the advanced techniques. It is a learning process that is going to continue for the rest of your life. Only those who are willing to put in the hard work that is needed to understand how to make the most of their motorcycle are going to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Let’s take a glance at a few tips that you can use to learn these techniques.


Release Throttle on Corners


It is easy to assume you have to slam the brake every time you get the chance in order to stop. But, this is a mistake a lot of people make when they should not be really making it. Hence, you need to learn to release the throttle just a bit and keep your hand on it in order to remain safe. If you slam the front brake, you are only going to risk your own life and those who are on the road with you. Don’t take this risk. So, make sure you are gaining more control by slightly keeping your hand there.


Planning Cornering With Your Sight Only


One of the best techniques that you can apply not only with cornering but also with any other aspect of riding would be to plan ahead using the power of your sight. Yes, your eyes are always going to help out. Hence, you should be making the most of what they are seeing. It is far too easy for people to assume they are good to go just be taking a little peek and that is it. However, you have to plan ahead and look at what your eyes are telling you. Listen and pay attention to what you are seeing rather than just assuming you can outdo whatever your eyes are telling.


Countersteering Is Your Friend


A lot of the time, you are going to notice people who love to just leave the bike and call it a day with regards to getting out of a tough situation. This is not something beginners do, but many advanced riders do as well because it is a natural reaction. Yet, it should not be for those who want to be safe. You should look to countersteer and use your full energy to move away from any accident.

Don’t just assume you are going to be able to learn these techniques with relative ease. This is often the mistake most people make and regret it in the end. You have to be far more patient or you will get caught out with nothing to show for it. There are a lot of people who waste their time by learning techniques that are not going to help them. Make the most of these tips listed here as they are proven to be very helpful in your riding endeavour.

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Different types of motorcycles

Scooter is a class that incorporates machines that have styling and seating positions like those found on cruisers, however, are distinctive in essential ways. Audits of the Sidecars classification incorporate bikes with a joined sidecar rig, otherwise called a “side hack,” that includes an unnecessary extra person wheel and an auto that can be utilized to convey a traveler or load. Bikes have a step–through outline that offers a chair–like seating with the knees near one another, and a twist–and–go transmission (more often than not a CVT) that doesn’t oblige a rider to change equips physically. Trikes are ordinarily conversions–motorcycles with the back wheel supplanted by a hub and two car–like wheels/tires.

boomtrikes_sideSidecars, bikes, and trikes engage altogether different riders. Street tests underscore the way that bikes with sidecars, which are viewed as particular by any individual who doesn’t possess one–part of the appeal–handle uniquely in contrast to two–wheeled, single–track (one wheel before alternate) bikes in light of the fact that they don’t incline when going around corners and bends, and along these lines oblige uncommon riding aptitudes. Bikes ordinarily have small–displacement motors (49cc to 650cc) and are little and lightweight, making them ideal for riding around town. Since you don’t need to change gears utilizing a manual grasp and movement lever, any individual who knows how to ride a bike can work a bike. Audits show that numerous trike riders additionally acknowledge not needing to raise the machine off a side stand, not needing to put feet down at stops, and not being worried about tipping more than, a typical concern with respect to bikes.

Cruiser aides examine the way that sidecars are very uncommon nowadays, and the main real producer of sidecar–equipped bikes is the Ural, a Russian maker. Free makers, for example, Hannigan Motorsports, situated in Kentucky, form sidecars for a mixture of visiting, sport–touring and dual–sport cruisers. Bikes are fabricated by numerous organizations, including Aprilia, Kymco, Piaggio, Suzuki, Vespa and others. Most trikes are sold as changes, however some cruiser audits examine motorbikes that are mass–produced, for example, the Harley–Davidson Tri–Glide, an exceptional roadster with two wheels in front. Trike changes are offered for some cruisers, professional bicycles and bikes by organizations, for example, Hannigan Motorsports and Lehman.

050822_vespa_hmed_10a.grid-6x2-300x249Engine Scooters are generally offered by produces in three motor sizes: 50cc; 150cc; and 250cc (“cc” remains for “cubic centimeters”). A few makes have other motor sizes like 125cc, or more than 250cc (which are some of the time called “Maxi-hurries”). In any case, to keep things basic, by examining the essential three sizes (50cc, 150cc, and 250cc) we can set a system to help decide how enormous of a motor you require.

The extent of the bike’s motor will decide how quick your bike can go. So your decision of motor size ought to be in light of how quick you have to drive.

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